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Up To 50k Streams.

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 2,500 Units

 50,000 Streams

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 Entitled To 50% Publishing

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Up To 500k Streams.

 MP3 + WAV

 25,000 Units

 500,000 Streams

 Split Set Up (DistroKid Or Similar)

 Entitled To 50% Publishing

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Unlimited Streams.

 MP3 + WAV

 Unlimited Units

 Unlimited Streams

 Split Set Up (DistroKid Or Similar)

 Entitled To 50% Publishing

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Unlimited Streams.


 Unlimited Units

 Unlimited Streams

 Split Set Up (DistroKid Or Similar)

 Entitled To 50% Publishing

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Bulk deals

Add 3, 5, or 10 beats with any license to your cart to activate the deal. Want a deal on exclusive licenses? Reach out to me on Instagram or email, mention the beats you are interested in and we’ll work something out.

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You can upload your song to all streaming services online when you buy beats from my store. (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, etc.)

Files are downloadable instantly after purchase from your receipt screen. They are also emailed to the purchase email you entered when checking out. If you accidentally closed the receipt screen, just check your email and you can download from there.

Some options, like the “Limited License” have a finite stream limit. If your track looks like it’s going to go over, simply contact me at for an upgrade request and you will only have to pay the difference to upgrade (past purchase will be credited)

It’s a case per case basis. The option to negotiate for exclusive rights is on the same screen as the other licenses options. You can make an offer directly there or email me at

Yes others may use the same beat if you purchase a license. The option to negotiate for exclusive is available, you can make an offer and if purchased no one will be able to purchase the beat after. However keep in mind that this might be more expensive.

Nothing, your license is still valid as it is “grandfathered in” because you purchased a license before the exclusive rights were bought. However if you made a song and have not purchased a license yet and someone buys exclusive rights, you will not be able to use your song if you did not buy a license prior. This is why I recommend at least purchasing a “Limited License” if you know you’re going to put the song out at some point because often this happens and there is nothing I can do if you did not buy a license before exclusive rights were purchased.

No, you can still upload your song or music video to YouTube. Content ID is a copyright service that claims all uses of the beat on YouTube. The reason you can’t do this is because if others use the beat, including my original beat upload, all instances of the beat on YouTube will be copyright claimed as the system cannot tell the difference between your use of the beat or others. This creates a big problem and often requires me to takedown your track on all platforms as it is a breach of the license contract.

If this happens please email me at with a link to your video and a screenshot of the claimant. Unfortunately sometimes people misuse the Content ID or copyright system so if you email me the issue I will take care of it. Also in some instances you may see that my beat has been copyrighted. In that case still message me your link on YouTube if you have purchased the beat and I will have the copyright claim removed. This should not stop you from uploading to YouTube or affect your channel or video in any way.

No. Except for some rare cases where I will work together on songs with an artist and just split the royalties, the licensing is likely your best option. You must ALWAYS purchase a license before distributing any work containing my beats. Even if you think you won’t make “much” money, the “Limited License” option is there for such cases.

No unfortunately I cannot rely on an unknown 50% to run my business. A 25$ “Limited License” will give you the option to monetize your songs up to 50k views and 2.5k sales, which is equivalent to a lot more than 25$. The streams alone would amount to well over 500$ in profit.

If you go to the homepage and scroll down you can read an overview of each license type and if you click “read license” you can read the contract in its entirety. If you have any questions or confusion about the contract email me at and I will answer them.

I only do very simple edits as that’s all I have time to accommodate. If it’s a matter of simply extending or shortening the beat, or taking out an instrument or sound, that should be fine, just email me and I’ll let you know if it’s possible. If it’s more than that I will likely not be able to do it.

You can send an email to or DM @iamslakin on Instagram with your complete question (do not just message me “yo”) and I will do my best to help you out.

You can use the email: to add me as a contributor when uploading to streaming platforms.

If you don't have a distributor yet; you can get a discount when you sign up for DistroKid, a digital distributor that lets you keep 100% of your royalties, by clicking below


You can use this form to contact me regarding business opportunities, purchasing exclusives or in bulk, getting a custom beat made, purchasing other services such as mixing and mastering, getting a quote made or other inquiries.

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