Best way to grow your fanbase as a rapper

There’s no denying that every rapper wishes to have a loyal following of his own; fans who will eagerly await his new releases, listen to his every word, watch his every new video, buy into all of his endorsement deals, and follow him religiously across all social media platforms.

This may seem like a far-fetched idea in today’s dynamic hip hop market, but it is actually possible with the right tips, team, time, effort, and energy.

There are a slew of rap legends who have an unbreakable bond with their fans. Take, for example, Eminem, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Drake, Kanye West, or any other well-known rapper. The majority of their fans have been with them from the beginning to the present. Have you ever wondered why some rappers have cult-like followings while others don’t?

grow your fanbase

While most of these successful rappers are talented and worked their tails off to make it in the rap game, they learned how to grow their fanbase a million fold early on. Even though the dynamics of today’s music market may be different than when most of the above-mentioned rappers began, thanks to the availability of numerous social media platforms and tremendous technological advancements, it cannot be denied that following these 10 tips will help you exponentially grow your fanbase as a rapper in a short period of time.


Word of mouth and recommendation are two surefire ways to spread a message like wildfire. To double or even triple the size of your current fanbase, you’ll almost certainly need each of your current fans to bring a friend or two with them. Your music must be so captivating that current fans will tell their friends about it, and they will do the same.

Now, if a large portion of your fanbase shares your music with their friends and relatives, who then share it with their friends and relatives, your fanbase will not only grow significantly, but also much more quickly.


A good thing sells itself, while a bad one treads on itself, as the saying goes. Increasing the frequency and quality of your music videos or online video content will undoubtedly aid in the exponential growth of your fan base. Using video sharing platforms like YouTube will boost your results even more, but you must upload high-quality videos or content as often as possible. We’ve all heard of celebrities who rose to fame as a result of YouTube, and it’s a tried and true way to expand your fan base these days.

TubeMogul and Stageit are two interactive video sharing platforms that you can use.


FanDistro is one of the few platforms that truly assists rap artists in virally spreading their music and exponentially growing their fanbase. This is a marketing tool that aids in the promotion of an artist’s music and new video. Apart from that,

FanDistro allows you to interact with your fans and reward them with free downloads, branded t-shirts, and other merchandise when they get a certain number of friends and relatives to download or share your music through other social media platforms such as Facebook.


If you ask any well-known rapper how they grew their fan base, they’ll tell you it’s all about getting out there on the road and working as hard as you can. To put it another way, go out and perform on shows every day. This will not only allow you to connect with your current fans, but it will also allow you to gain new ones. As a wise rapper, you should understand that relying solely on online platforms to gain new fans isn’t always a good idea.

Online platforms may be beneficial, but they are only a supplement to what you do when you get out there and connect with fans through performances and gigs. Simply do whatever it takes to land bigger, better, and more frequent gigs.


Selling your branded merchandise, such as t-shirts and caps, to your fans at a reasonable price, especially during shows, is an impressive form of passive marketing. Selling your branded merchandise as a rapper is a quick way to supplement your income. It’s also a good way to market yourself to your fans, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you gain new ones this way. A great way to do this when you’re just starting out is to use Printful, a print on demand service that will let you sell merch on a budget.


While using your fans to market yourself is a novel concept, you should never overlook the use of advertising options that can potentially reach a large number of potential fans. There are a lot of options to think about. You can advertise on Facebook.

Radio airplay, YouTube pre-roll advertising, niche-specific platforms, and Buffer, an intuitive social management platform that can help you drive social media results and thus reach a large number of potential fans, are all options.


One of the primary motivations for rappers to collaborate is to reach a larger audience. As a rapper, you should think about collaborating with other artists or products to tap into their fan base. This is a great way to reach out to a larger audience and increase your fan base.


The rap game is rife with plagiarists, and fans are fed up with it. As a result, doing things differently will endear you to a large number of fans who want to be associated with something unique and different. As a result, it’s critical to bring a distinct personality to the table and provide people with a memorable experience.

They’ll remember you for a long time if you do something different. Jay-Z has his Jehovah’s Witness side, Kanye West has his Jesus side, Snoop Dogg has his Dogg Pound side, and the rest of us have our own beliefs. All you have to do now is discover your personality and bring it to the table.


Most people will like you after you spend some of your valuable time chatting with them. Being reachable and taking the time to chat with your fans, whether at a show or on one of your many social media platforms, will make them feel like you are one of them; a friend. They’ll be drawn not only to you, but also to your music, and they’ll most likely share it with their friends, allowing you to multiply your fan base tenfold.


On the next step of your rap career, you should essentially prepare both your current and potential fans. Whether you’re rebranding or releasing new music, you should always create a buzz or hype around it before releasing it so that fans are psychologically prepared and excited to hear what you have to offer. This publicity will help you gain new fans, particularly if your new work is exceptional.


Many people aspire to be rappers. They believe it is a simple task if you have a microphone, a laptop, and a basic understanding of rhythms and melodies. Regrettably, fans are what make rappers great, but they are hard to come by. You should have clear strategies on how to grow your fanbase, especially in today’s dynamic world of social media and technology, aside from being talented and having a proper team around you. You’ll just be another unknown rapper if you don’t have that.

All you have to do now is learn the above strategies, put them into action, and test and learn what works best for you and your rap career.