What is the best way to start your rap career with no money

So, what is the best way to start your rap career with no money and market yourself to potential fans all around the world?

Many people aspire to be rappers, especially those who live in poverty or close to it. It’s regarded as a means of’making it out.’ However, most people who aspire to be hip-hop artists don’t have a lot of money (or any) to invest in their early success. So, in order to assist anyone who does not have a lot of money in becoming a rapper, I will demonstrate how to begin your rap career with no money.

This article is based on the premise that even if you don’t have any money, you do have time. Time, on the other hand, can be just as good – if not better – than money if used correctly. It isn’t as quick as money, but it is still effective.

start your rap career with no money


Before you waste your time and energy trying to start a rap career, make sure you have what it takes. Have you ever rapped in front of an audience? Have you ever performed a freestyle in front of an audience? What was their reaction? When you rap a verse for your friends, ask them for their feedback. Sign up for any open mics in your area and see how the audience reacts to your performance.

Use your phone’s voice recorder to rap over your favorite artist’s instrumental. Allow others to hear it and provide feedback.


You must set goals and focus on them if you want to be successful as a rapper (or in any other endeavor). Every day, set aside some time to practice your skills. When you have the most energy during the day, this is the best time to practice. Create and stick to a routine that fits your lifestyle. Begin by completing small daily tasks, such as writing 16 bars each day. Then progress to full-fledged songs.


You obviously don’t have the funds to invest in studio time or the construction of your own studio, so find engineers, producers, or other artists who may have studio access (or their own) and connect with them. Practicing in a studio environment is a great way to learn how to record properly, do overdubs, ad libs, and so on. There is a distinction between being a “Rapper” and being a “Recording Artist.” Learning how to record efficiently is essential for saving money on studio time and making the engineer/job producer’s easier.

Take it all in while also assisting them with tasks around the studio, even if it’s just cleaning up. You might get free recording time if you bring something to the table. Once you’ve established relationships with the artists and producers, they may agree to let you rap on their songs. Try to learn as much as you can about recording’s technical aspects, such as mastering, mixing, and so on… In the long run, this will benefit you.


When you don’t have any money to spend on beats, you have to get creative. So, even if you have friends who make bad beats, collaborate with them anyway. Download “Free Type Beats” from YouTube, even if they are tagged, and experiment with different beat styles. You’ll have more opportunities to work on other artist’s work if you learn to write in a variety of styles, even if it’s not your “main” style.

You can also just “Google” “free type beats,” and you’ll find a slew of websites that will let you download free beats for demos and non-profit performances.


Nowadays, video streaming websites such as YouTube are available. You must take advantage of this opportunity. YouTube is free, and new artists, singers, actors, comedians, and other entertainers are discovered all the time. You can record and edit videos with your smartphone. Put the video with the recorded version on it and upload it. Even if you just upload “vlog” style videos of you walking around and talking about your life, this is a good way to start building a fan base.

Quick Tip: Find local video producers who are just getting started and refer them to people in exchange for them doing some video work for you, even if it’s just editing or shooting a few clips. Remember that you don’t have any money, so you’ll have to be resourceful.


Develop relationships with as many local producers as possible because I guarantee you’ll come across one (or more) who are really good and fit well with who you are as an artist at some point. This may allow for the creation of EPs or Mixtapes without the need for “upfront” funding. That is, you can start with a 50/50 publishing split and work your way up from there.

Begin forming connections with local managers and other artists. This will give you the opportunity to appear on songs and open for artists at their concerts.

Quick Note: Keep in mind that you’re building your brand, so do it even if it’s for free.


When you’ve written a few original songs and have a few YouTube videos under your belt. It’s time to get your music out there. Marketing is all about gaining “Attention” for your product or service, and there are two methods for doing so. Attention that is either paid (advertising) or earned (free).

You don’t have the funds to advertise or pay Instagram influencers for attention because you don’t have any. You must get down to business on social media and establish a name for yourself. Before you can get free or “earned” traffic, you must put in a lot of effort, time, and effort into your business, so you must be willing to invest “time.” This is a business, after all.

When it comes to online marketing, you’ll need a “HUB” where all of your music can be found. You can use YouTube, Soundcloud, or even a free website like WIX if you don’t have the funds for a professional website. However, you’ll need a way to link your music to your social media accounts.


So make sure you have a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter account. When it comes to Hip Hop, those are the most well-known. You only have a limited amount of time, so don’t waste it on Pinterest or Tumblr…


Please don’t “run up” on anyone you see, yelling “Yo check out my Shhh!”… This could harm your reputation and lead to you being injured or even imprisoned. You can start casual conversations about what THEY like if you’re in a club or at a local concert. Is hip hop something they’re interested in? Is there a social media account for them? If they do, add them to your list and send them a link to your music.

Find and connect with local DJs, as well as their social media and email addresses. You can share a link to your music with them. If they’re interested in interviewing you, follow up with them. Quick Tip: Make the most of “Storytelling”… What challenges have you faced in your life? What distinguishes you from the other rappers they are familiar with?


Online and offline, word of mouth is an excellent way to promote your music. Form a street team with your family, friends, and other people who enjoy your music. Make sure they have copies of your music and/or information from YouTube, Soundcloud, and other social media sites.

Make certain that everything you share is shared by them… Music videos, photos, vlogs, photos, and so on… Everything… They should be constantly directing people to your music in order to generate interest in you.

You never know what might happen… Someone may know someone who knows someone, …


If you don’t have the financial means to invest, starting a rap career will take a lot of time and effort. You have to make do with what you have, even if you live in a small town. After that, I’ll leave you with some final advice… Regardless of what happens, you must continue to practice. Regardless of the haters and naysayers, stay true to your craft. You can keep improving your techniques if you work on them. Tone, pitch, and volume levels should all be practiced.

Work odd jobs, mow lawns, or do whatever it takes (ethically) to save money to invest in your “business,” because that is exactly what it is. When you’re ready, learn how to independently release an EP. It’s a company, so treat it as such… Instead of focusing on the end result, consider the following: Accept the journey… After all, that’s all that matters at the end of the day… Thank you for taking the time to read about how to start a rap career with no money.