How to book shows as a rapper the easy way

Today, I’ll go over the various methods for booking gigs for yourself. As a self-taught musician. Making enough money to support yourself should be one of your man goals. You want to get to the point where music is your full-time job/career, and the money you earn from it allows you to not only pay your bills, but also enjoy the finer things in life without worrying about the cost.

As an independent musician, shows will be one of your primary sources of revenue. You will be compensated for performing at venues in your city and around the world (once you make it big). If you’re a new artist, you won’t usually be paid half up front and half after the show. It’s ideal if the venue owner pays you after the performance.

It’s not uncommon for small local venues to pay you with food and a few beers when you’re first starting out.

book shows as a rapper

Pay is pay, and when you’re just starting out and trying to blow up food, it’s just as nice to get paid. Appreciate these small victories because they will serve as memories and great stories to tell about your struggles to break into the industry when you make it big. That pay will undoubtedly rise as your popularity grows and more people attend your shows, as well as as you release more music and become more well-known. You can then charge what you believe you are worth in terms of value, which could be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you’re a new artist with a track record of selling out small venues, the venue owner may be willing to share profits from the “back end” with you. This is calculated as a percentage of ticket sales. This pay structure has the potential to be very profitable for you. Most venues pay rappers for their performances, while others do not, particularly at “Open Mic Nights.” To find out if the venue pays for amateur night performances, simply call and inquire, or better yet, pay them a visit and inquire in person.

Keep in mind that if you tell the venue owner that you can sell out a venue, you must provide proof. All you have to do is request that the venue owners with whom you’ve worked send you the sales report for the day of your show. It lists the number of tickets sold, the number of people who attended, and how much you were paid. This report should be used to demonstrate that you have a fan base that is willing to pay to see you perform.

You can book one of two types of shows for yourself:

1) Contact venues and request to perform as an opener for a headliner.

2) Contact venues and inform them that you want to hold a music concert there. This is only for those who have a steady growing fan base of people who are willing to pay to see them perform.


There are a few things that you should have before going out and trying to book a show. This is to demonstrate that you are a fully prepared artist with platforms in place to appease your fans.

We discussed the importance of having a music artist website in one of our previous articles. Having your own artist website enhances your online presence, that will help you book shows as a rapper.

It’s your own music platform where artists can listen to your music, see your photos, read your content, and purchase your merchandise. Your website is different from your social media pages in that you own and control it.

You cannot be removed from it, and you are free to add whatever you want to it. The company that owns social media makes all of the rules, and they get to tell you what to advertise and what not to advertise. They, not you, have control over the music and photos you upload to their platform.

It is not enough to simply have these pages; you must be active on them in order to maintain your fans’ interest. It also demonstrates that you have an online presence to venue owners and other music industry professionals. There is no other way to become popular than to demonstrate that people are interested in your music and what you’re doing.

It will take some legwork to book your own shows. If you’re willing to put in the effort and don’t mind grinding, you’ll have no trouble booking shows. If you’re the type who prefers it when things are simple for you and you get results quickly without putting in a lot of effort, you’ll quickly become frustrated with the process of doing everything on your own.


As an artist, social media is important because it allows you to be seen by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people all at once. Because they use social media incorrectly, up and coming artists almost always fail to gain traction. Please read our article 4 mistakes artists should avoid on social media if you haven’t already; it will help you improve your social media game.

Use social media to spread the word about your brand and music so that more people are aware of who you are. I’ve yet to meet an up-and-coming rapper who hasn’t made a name for himself on social media, so make sure you’re active on yours. Also, here are five ways to improve your social media success. This article has aided many independent artists, and if you follow these steps, you could achieve similar success. They may help you gain more followers, get more comments, and grow your mailing list.

Many musicians overlook music media pages and, as a result, miss out on opportunities to connect with more people. Music media pages are websites where you can create a music page or profile. These are websites such as Audiomack, Reverbnation, Soundclound, Soundclick and the like that are examples of this. Audiomack Reverbnation Soundclound Soundclick

These sites allow you to connect with not only other music fans, but also musicians, producers, and DJs which will help you book shows as a rapper.

These are all people in the music industry who are worth knowing. If you collaborate with them, they’ll promote you to their audience! As a result, your brand and music reach will grow. That is, in essence, what you want as an artist. You want to reach a larger audience and promote and showcase your music to as many people as possible. Remember that the larger your fan base is, the more merchandise, concert tickets, and music you can sell!

This one should be self-evident to any artist. For a variety of reasons, it’s preferable to have previously released music. Venue owners can listen to your music to get a sense of how your content sounds. People can find you on a variety of online platforms. People can become fans of your music and memorize it so they can sing along with you at shows.

It demonstrates that you’re hard at work!


It is preferable, but not required, to have prior performing experience. You can practice at home if this is your first show, but nothing will truly prepare you for a live audience. A dozen to hundreds of people will be watching you at the show, and depending on how well you perform, they will either cheer you on or remain silent.

You’re lucky this isn’t back in the day when if you were rocking the show/crowd, they’d boo you outright. If you’re performing poorly, the most you’ll get these days is people remaining silent or refusing to dance to your track. As I previously stated, the more you perform, the better you will become. Continue even if you choke or mumble a few words or miss a line. People will respect you if you keep your cool and act professionally.


To book shows as a rapper, you must begin somewhere, and I believe the best place to begin is in your own hometown. To book your own rap shows, contact local venues and ask if you can perform there. “Open Mic Night” or “Amateur Night” is the best performing option for you as a new artist. This is a night for up-and-coming musicians to get some practice performing in front of an audience. You can practice your performance routine and shake off your nerves at “Open Mic Night.”

Over time, the more you perform, the better you will become. When contacting these venues, you should be aware that you will encounter a few roadblocks. It won’t be as simple as picking up the phone and asking to perform, and the owner agreeing. Some venues refuse to allow rap artists to perform because they believe there will be violence. Other venues have booked performers for months, if not a year, in advance. It’s entirely up to you which performance you want to attend.

You can call to find out how you can put on your own show at their venue, or inquire as to whether the owner is looking for any up-and-coming opening acts for any major label artists who will be performing there soon.